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Individual Tutoring

Individual Tutoring

Tutorial sessions are for 45 minutes.  The student to instructor ratio is truly one to one.

Amathoasis tutors are individuals with a strong interest in math and/or science.Generally they are currently pursuing a math or science degree or have done so previously.They enjoy the subject matter and sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject with their students.

Most of our students have weekly sessions where they can work with the same tutor each session.  This allows our tutors to assess the studentís skills, and how that student learns.

Individual tutoring is available Sunday through Thursday in Petaluma and Monday through Saturday in Sebastopol during the school year.



Single Session


Five Sessions

$185 ($37 per session)

Ten Sessions

$340 ($34 per session)


In order to reserve a weekly appointment with the same tutor a purchase of Five or Ten sessions is required.

If you would like to schedule individual tutoring or get more information please call or email us.






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