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If you are a junior planning to take either the May or June SAT this class is a great way to prepare for the math portion of the SAT.We will cover general test strategies but more importantly we will review the Algebra, Geometry, logic and word problems found specifically on the SAT.The course will also include taking two practice tests of the math portion of the SAT.


This is a small group class for 4-6 students.The course is 16 hours in total.The Petaluma Class is scheduled for Mondays from 7 to 9 pm beginning February 22nd and the Sebastopol class is scheduled for Thursdays from 7 to 9 pm beginning February 25th.The cost of the class is $270.00.To register for our Petaluma class call 707-778-7577 or email register for our Sebastopol class call 707-829-7254 or email


Students taking this course are encouraged to purchase a copy of Kaplanís SAT Math Workbook.  This will be our textbook, and will be a valuable tool for to continue their preparation for the SAT outside of class.





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