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Amathoasis Terms and Conditions

1.        There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all tutoring sessions.  This means that all individual and group sessions can be cancelled if Amathoasis is notified by 7 pm the day prior to the appointment.  This policy applies regardless of reason for the cancellation.  The policy is strict but must be maintained in order to contain costs and keep prices as low as possible for all our customers.

2.        All sales are final.  There are no refunds.  Discounted tutoring sessions may expire after a shorter time period.

3.        Tutoring sessions are valid for 6 months after purchase.  Six months from date of purchase tutoring sessions expire.

4.        In order to maintain a recurring appointment (a tutoring session that occurs weekly on the same day and time) sessions must be purchased in sets of 5 or 10.

5.        If a student misses two appointments in a row (i.e. no show or late cancel), they will be notified and will automatically be taken off the schedule.  If a customer/student frequently cancels (two or more cancellations in a 5 week period) Amathoasis may also remove that student from the schedule.  Any remaining prepaid tutoring sessions will remain valid until expiration.  In order to use these sessions the customer must contact Amathoasis and schedule a new appointment time.

6.        There is no billing.  All appointments must be paid for in advance or at time of service.  Amathoasis requires a credit card in order to schedule sessions if the customer has no prepaid sessions on file.  In this case if a student no shows, late cancels or the customer fails to pay at time of service the customers credit card will be charged for the price of that session.

7.        It is the customerís responsibility to notify Amathoasis to remove them from the schedule, or to reschedule an appointment.  If a customer has a recurring appointment and has no remaining prepaid sessions Amathoasis will remove the student from the schedule.

8.        Students/customers will be notified when they have two prepaid sessions left.  Payment is expected when there is only one prepaid session left. When a student has no prepaid sessions on file, they will be notified, and taken off the schedule unless a payment is made before the next scheduled appointment.

9.        Amathoasis will notify students when Amathoasis will be closed for holidays.  We serve students attending many different schools thus any school holiday at a particular school does not affect our schedule.  Amathoasis is closed two days for Thanksgiving, the last two weeks of December, New Yearís Day, a week for Spring break (this may not be the same week the students school takes for Spring break), and one week in June. Amathoasis will post any additional days we are closed at our Petaluma and Sebastopol locations.  If there is no notification of holiday closure, Amathoasis is open and students will be expected at their appointments, unless they notify Amathoasis in accordance with our cancellation policy.

10.    Small group classes (4-6 students) cannot be cancelled.  Refunds for small group classes (4-6 students) may be considered if requested ten days prior to the first class.  If granted there is a 10% processing fee.

11.      Amathoasis reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Being uncooperative, rude, disrespectful, or unruly is not acceptable.


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