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Amathoasis can help students prepare for the math portion of a variety of standardized tests such as the SAT, SAT Subject Test, GED, CHSPE, CBEST, CSET, GRE, placement tests (such as the ones at the SRJC) and others.  Test prep tutoring can be scheduled just like any other tutoring session (individual, small group or small class).Prior to the students first session they need to get a workbook for the test and take one of the practice tests.  Then the tutor and student will know in what areas they need to focus.  For the SAT students will come to Amathoasis to take the practice test.

New SAT Math Prep Class!

Preparation for the SAT Math Portion

Students have the best chance of increasing their score by putting in as much advance preparation as possible.

Prior to starting the sessions the student will need to take a practice SAT at Amathoasis there (There is a $25 testing fee for up to 3 practice tests).This will take between 60 to 90 minutes.  The student will then work with his/her tutor covering both general test strategies and those topics covered on the test that were the most challenging for the student on the practice test.  Students will need to work on practice materials between sessions.  Follow up practice tests will need to be taken following the 4th and 9th sessions.

Students preparing for the SAT will need to purchase a copy of Kaplanís SAT Math Workbook.  This will be our textbook, and will be a valuable tool for continuing preparation for the SAT after students have completed the course.



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