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Test proctors are available at both our Sebastopol and Petaluma locations.  The price for having a test proctored is the same price as an individual tutoring session ($40, this does not include fees charged by your school).  Students can arrange to have up to 3 hours to take the test if allowed under the test guidelines.


Amathoasis proctors tests primarily for BYU independent study courses.  You can order this test online at the BYU site.  Make sure to specify which location, Sebastopol or Petaluma.


You must also call one of our locations in order to schedule an appointment time for your test.


Please note if you need your test shipped back overnight you must make these arrangements with BYU prior to them sending the test.


If you need to have a test proctored from a school other that BYU please call.  We can probably make arrangements.



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